Monday, September 8, 2008

NOSTRAVERUS -- Our Truth, for Peace...

some years back, days after the 9-11 explosions in new york whose authorship has remained mysterious and controversial, an instant hate-all-muslims campaign emerged, complete with the circulation of a fake nostradamus quatrain to lend a flavor of urgency and mysticism to the hate campaign. some members of the synergy-oriented saniblakas foundation conducted a special session of its monthly new-moon jamming to sing only one song repeatedly, "All we are give peace a chance," interspersed with taking turns to share personal insights on the 9-11 event and its aftermath. The insights and sentiments shared were gathered and i had the task of putting them all together in the form of a single quatrain, which we decided to label "Nostraverus." Subsequently received sharings, views and feelings from other members of the saniblakas family, that were expressed at another sharings session, or came in via short-texting and e-mail messages, produced nine other quatrains. Near the anniversary of 9-11, let me share with you our truth, our necessarily-urgent and necessarily-emphatic cry, our Nostraverus piece for peace...

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Subsequent events have firmed up our resolve.

Monday, September 1, 2008

the poem WISHPERS

my first post came from the back cover of the book Ding Reyes Writes 30... WISHPERS ...And More, which i released on my 55th birthday last year. below is that title poem .WISHPERS...

deeply-felt wishes
my heart whispers
draw silent smiles
from within
many other hearts,
for these, after all,
have long been
their very own

our common

Quezon City
April 30, 2007