Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Thoughts on Achieving National Freedom

By Shyam Tony Reyes

(e-mailed by one of my four brothers based in California)

The unity of a nation is a constant, as much as it is so for the Human Family. But its expression changes, from seed to tree, from weak to strong, from chaotic to coherent. Coherence is the key to the strength of a nation and its capacity to achieve national freedom: the capacity of Sambayanan to protect and nurture ALL of its citizens.

The greater the coherence, the stronger and more productive a nation becomes. And national coherence can come only from self-empowered citizens. So I postulate that the key strategic move to achieving real national coherence is through the establishment and nurturing of a mass "self-empowerment movement." This is the inner, personal-anchor aspect of the environmental movement.

This is why I believe that a kabutihang-loob movement can be very effective. It is indigenous, simple, inclusive, nonpartisan and non-threatening since its purpose is to bring out the good from ALL citizens and participants.
And it's very Filipino, yet can be an powerful international model for shifting to coherence for nations and the human family at large: People Power "Level 2." It can go a long way because it makes people feel good, so repeat activity is more likely and the personal effect is socially contagious.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Towards Asking My Own Questions

Many people would like to believe that reality is simple. You just have to have the right intentions and right decisions will follow. So, Humanity would be neatly divided between those who are forces of good and those who are forces of evil. So, let’s all be on the side of good and be good and everybody will be happy, right? Wrong. Let me change that last word in the previous sentence: “No, I don’t agree; I don’t think so!”

Whenever I declare somebody’s statement to be “correct” or “true.” I have to be precise with what I actually mean. If I owned the laptop I’ve been using, and someone says I own it. I can be precise and say “He is right!” But what if the other guy expressed an opinion, a judgment? Could I simply say, “He is right!” Of course, I could say that and I actually often do. But in such times I am not speaking precisely, because what I should really be saying is “I agree!” (No, I won’t deliberately say “I agree with him, therefore he is right. I only fall into that line of reasoning whenever I forget that I am not a proclaimer of what is right and wrong for the whole world to listen and “be guided accordingly”; I am only a proclaimer of my own opinions that agree or disagree with other peoples own opinions.

You may say I nitpick now on a whole lot of semantics and rhetorics, and I can go along with such judgement (“Yes, you’re right!” hehehe!) but if I don’t go into self-questioning at least once in a while, I might actually forget and hear (mistake!) my voice as “speaking the divine last word” as the ultimate judge of right and wrong without even being anywhere near the Biblical Tree of Knowledge.

People are often very passionate and overconfident about our own personal or organizational opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that, unless we forget that no matter how passionate one is or how “sure” s/he feels, it is still his/her personal view, albeit perhaps a well-studied opinion of a proven genius! Many agonizing hours have been spent in fierce quarrels over whose personal view is the real “divine judgment” in the contention.

Recently, I expressed my vehement disagreement with a political party’s decision and its apparent premise and said without any qualifying words: “treason is on a higher plane than corruption!” Many expressed agreement with me. But to be complete and precise about it, I really should have said: “I strongly feel that they should have considered treason to be on a higher plane than corruption!” and carry no less passion and sense of confidence in the validity of my assertion. Or those who read me may have taken it as that, anyway. And it could have had the same effect as intended. Anyway…

A question asked in earnest should be followed by a question mark. In oral conversations, the question mark is of course invisible but it should be perceptible in the intonation, body language and overall behavior of the one articulating the supposed question. In many instances, however, it “looks” more like a question followed by a very angry platoon of screaming exclamation points (“Why!!!!”). This is often understandable but unfortunate.

In a many cases, the mouth can only be pronouncing the word “Why” but the mind is trying to accommodate at least two thoughts: “Oh no! It can’t be! This would have very disastrous effects! This angers me greatly” and “I wonder why it happened” and “Oh no! It can’t be! This would have very very disastrous effects! This angers me so much I could explode!” So, while the curious part gets articulated in the word why, the anger part builds up fast that in the few nanoseconds it takes the mouth to pronounce the monosyllabic word the question mark has transformed into an angry battalion of exclamation points. Now, the person is not prepared to hear any answer, because the question had been forgotten after getting drowned in a wave of judgments. Having no reverence for the unknown and bieng only terrified by it, we often have the tendency to dismiss as irrelevant what we still don’t know and proceed to judge because we For clarity of mind, therefore, we should remind ourselves to only ask questions with question marks – if we are still asking we do not know the answer yet; and if we are this angry, we might never know or understand it. And the ones being asked may have the tendency to overreact to the overreaction… so there goes your earnest conversation!

Many questions are asked and passionately debated where at least one side of the debaters tend to dismiss the nuances that figure significantly in the positions of the other. In debates, this is deliberately done; in earnest discussions this happens unintentionally. For the sake of all involved, the quality of the outcome of the argument or earnest discussion, simple statements should not be simplistic sentences – nuances ought to be looked into, understood well, and weighed judiciously, whether or not it appears at all in the net resulting summary of the analysis. Usually, the nuances that are considered in the decision-making are assumed by one side to be “obvious to all” and assumed by the other side as non-existent.

It takes time to find out exactly what nunces played in the decision-making and exactly how heavily they were considered and why. Again comes the charge of “nitpicking on petty considerations” and the more warhawkish among us grow impatient—“what are we waiting for? Where’s the rage? why are we not yet in a quarrel mood yet of ‘punishing mood’? Why are we not forming a lynch mob yet?” Those who are not afraid that a lynch mob can be formed and agitated to success may have the tendency to deny that any problem exists.

In the context of human tendencies so described, people in a misunderstanding tend to proceed more to the worsening of it rather than to solving it for the sake of peace and synergetic strength that a group would need to do its work or at least to exist in harmony. Some people feel that as long ay they can blame other people for a conflict situation within a supposedly friendly community they have no problem. Some others tend to thicken the wall between the contening sides by recruiting all invoved to take sides and be part of worsening the problem, instead of acting as living bridges of communication and dialogue and lead to resolution and reconciliaton.
Having reminded myself of all the foregoing points, and declaring my openness to be reminded of more, I feel ready now to proceed to ask my own questions on a wide-ranging conflict of views (that has spawned highly emotional judgments).

The nuances I will bring up concern the decisions already made and will still to be made by members of the Akbayan Party-List, the Liberal Party, the People’s Primaries, the Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy, Partido Kalikasan, and their respective members. I expect to finish my analysis for uploading by tomorrow, before I am scheduled to start actual work on a new book project on Philippine history. We live in interesting, historic times.

Since no one within the pro-people community is to be punished for murder or rape or plunder, although some have disappointed others for an ill-advised decision perceived to support de facto one unrepentant (so far) leader of the treasonous ratification of JPEPA, we can all afford to reject the temptations of haste and of the blame game, and instead join in a collective search for truth and wisdom. All the lessons, learned in mostly difficult circumstances, can be cherished as learnings for all, in the people’s historic march to higher levels of maturity and capability in contending comprehensively effectively with trapo politics. Trapo politics is the current local partner of indirect colonialism in keeping our country and people in control and in dire poverty.
to the busiest ones among us. i apologize for the length of this message.

thankful cheers!

ding reyes
of subic, zambales

(for some more points on the healthy conduct of discourse on anything, please check out the article on Ethical Discource linked to the opening page of

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"DALAWANG TALATA para sa Paglaya ng Ating Kabuhayan"

Dalawang Talata

[Kamakailan ko lang naisulat sa blogspot na ito ang isang talatang pagbubuod ko ukol sa tunay na kalagayan ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Nagmula iyon sa synthesis na ginawa ko sa isang mahalagang caucus ng mga lider at kasapi ng National Economic Protectionism Association o NEPA na nagsimula nang maghanda ng isang makasaysayang kapulungan sa darating na Nobyembre 21, 2009, ika-75 taong anibersaryo ng makabayang samahang ito. Nitong huli, iminungkahi sa akin ni Doc. Ernie Gonzales, "kapatid" kong tunay sa diwa at gawa, na presidente ngayon ng NEPA, na palawigin ko raw ang isinulat kong tula (?) upang saklawin na rin sa maikling paraan ang pinakamahalagang mga sangkap ng kalutasan. Gaya ng aking ipinangako, nagsimula ako sa ganoong tangka at kagabi ay may nabuo na rin ako sa hinihinging karugtong. Ang DALAWANG TALATA ay naisip kong ipako sa pinto ng Malakanyang o kahit man lamang ng NEDA, isang sadyang paghahawig sa ginawa ng isang nagngangalang Martin Luther sa kanyang halos sandaang "Theses." Pero di pa panahon para gawin ito. Kailangan muna sigurong talakayin at yakapin ito ng ating mga kababayan sa buong kapuluan, isalin pa sa sari-sarili nilang wika, gamiting gabay sa mga pagsusuri at pagpapasya, kung siya nga nilang mamarapating karapat-dapat. Sila na rin sana ang magpako nito sa tarangkahan ng Malakanyang o NEDA o sa mga noo ng kasalukuyang mga nangangasiwa sa ating ekonomiya na naghihingalo na'y nagpapanggap pang malusog at masaya.]

kalakaran na ang laging nasusunod
ay maka-dayuhan at maka-mayaman,
madalas pa’y sinusukuan nang walang
pagtutol o pagtatanong man lamang.
pinapalakpakan pa ng mga biktima
na nalinlang na nang lubus-lubusan...
patakaran na ang bunga’y pagpapatiwakal
ng bansa sa pagbabaha ng dayuhang pautang,
kalakal at puhunan -- na pawang patagóng
humihigop, sumasaid sa ani’t yaman ng bayan;
hinahayaang magnakaw, opisyal na gahaman,
nang kahirapan nati’y sa kanila ibintang...
kalagayan ng habambuhay na palubhang
kahirapan, pagkasira ng likas na kapaligiran,
pagkasadlak sa kawalan ng pag-asa maliban
kung handang iwan ang pamilya at bansa...
kaugalian ng pagkani-kanya sa kahinaan,
gutom, pagkalito’t pagtataka, pagtitiis...
kailan pa tayong magpapasya na ganap nang
ugaliing magpakatao at makipagkapwa,
ganap nang lumaya, at magkamit ng ginhawa?
bawiin na nga natin ang ating ekonomiya!

itinuturo ng katwiran: huwag nating iasa
sa iba ang kalagayan ng ating kabuhayan,
ni ang pagbubuo ng matatag na kakayahang
kabuhayan ng bansa ‘y maipagsanggalang!
kaya’t sama-sama na nating pagsumikapang
masinsinsinang mapag-aralan, maunawaan,
upang ating hamunin, ilantad at pandirihan
kaisipang batayan ng umiiral na kalakaran;
matalas ding kilalanin, malinaw na ibunyag,
mabisang gapiin, ang lahat ng patakaran
ng mapang-aping kapangyarihang di naman
tunay na pinili at binasbasan ng taumbayan.
pagtitiis sa kalagayang tayo nga’y nasadlak
huwag na nating ipasa pa sa ating mga anak.
ibalik na natin bilang karaniwang kaugalian
ang pagkukusa, pagtataya, pagbabayanihan--
pagsasanib ng ating mga talino at pawis
upang sama-samang makamit ang ginhawa
at katiwasayang ibubunga ng mga tagumpay
ng ating ganap na magkakaisang bansa!

Sa larangan ng ekonomiya, sa patnubay ng NEPA,
Magsanib-lakas, Pilipinas!

(iminumungkahi ko ring mahigpit na pagkaisahan
ng mamamayan sa bayan-bayan ang nilalaman ng
Nationalist Development Agenda na inilabas ng
Fair Trade Alliance na pinamumunuan ni Ka Bobby
Tañada. Bahagi po ng FairTrade ang NEPA. Pala-
laganapin ng NEPA ang mga sipi nito.)

Ding Reyes
(Pinuno ng Komite sa Edukasyon, NEPA)
Subic, Zambales, Agosto 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trust me Trusting Risa!

Trust Me Trusting Risa!

i've known ms. risa for about two decades now. She is a combination of firmness and humility, compassion and rationality, openness and flexibility. Very sincerely human, very sincerely and "fiercely" patriotic and lover of the people's interests. Her current quest for the Senate can teach her and all of us to learn to relate prudently and creatively with the complexities of political realities in the Philippines, specifically with the factors at play while the people's empowerment movement has not yet gotten itself mainstreamed in the electoral and parliamentary theater. i am definitely willing to dare and risk with her, to learn with her and to promptly correct proven mistakes along the path, so we can serve the people even better together.

I've started inviting friends in Facebook to join me in this. I'm posting it also here in my blogsite and i will next send it to e-groups i belong to.

My message in all this to all of you is this: Please trust me trusting Risa.

August 19, 2009 / Subic, Zambales

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kailangang Wakasan Na ang Ganitong Ekonomiya

KALAKARAN na ang maka-dayuhan at maka-mayaman ay nasusunod nang palagian,madalas nga ay sinusukuan na lang nang walang anumang tanong o pagtutol, ikinatutuwa pa ng nalinlang na mga biktima...

PATAKARAN na ang ibinubunga ay pagpapatiwakal ng bansa sa pagbabaha ng dayuhang pautang, puhunan at kalakal...

KALAGAYAN ng habambuhay na papalubhang kahirapan, pagkakasira ng likas na kapaligiran, pagkakasadlak sa kawalang-pag-asa...

KAUGALIAN ng kani-kanyang kahinaan, pagtataka, kubling paghihinagpis, at walang katapusang pagtitiis...

Kailan pa ba tayong magpapasya
ganap na lumaya at guminhawa?

Kailangang Wakasan na
ang Ganitong Ekonomiya!

Agosto 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Expats and their Real Friends

ALL over the world, expats and their real friends are in the best position to fully enjoy the happy reality of the great oneness of humanity.

It is quite easy to understand why this is so. With a friend, you are very appreciative and very forgiving. You are predisposed to highlightt all that you like in the person; with a friend you are predisposed to overlook such petty discrepancies in physical appearance, cultural traits and habits, everything. Because with real friends you are naturally drawn to relate soul-to-soul. And no soul has any race or nationality. All soul is not only united; all soul is one. And we feel this --most deeply, most profoundly, and most comfortably-- with friends. Even without the "benefit" of any clarity of intellectual comprehension, of any ormality or of any categorical articulation.

Countless real friendship ties between expats and their hosts make up the best deterrents for war and the best foundations for world peace and further human evolution. Each of these is a friendship bond of EFEOH -- expats and friends enjoying the oneness of humanity. we can happily create efeoh circles and ripples across the entire world. actually, we just have to create some efeoh circles, and the circles can't help but become ripples...

ding reyes
subic, zambales, august 16, 2009

(if you agree with this insight, would you help me spread it with many others?)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mga Tula ng Pagluha

Amado V. Hernandez
Lumuha ka, aking Bayan; buong lungkot mong iluha
Ang kawawang kapalaran ng lupain mong kawawa:
Ang bandilang sagisag mo’y lukob ng dayong bandila,
Pati wikang minana mo’y busabos ng ibang wika,
Ganito ring araw noon nang agawan ka ng laya,
Labintatlo ng Agosto nang saklutin ang Maynila,

Lumuha ka, habang sila ay palalong nagdiriwang,
Sa libingan ng maliit, ang malaki’y may libangan;
Katulad mo ay si Huli, naaliping bayad-utang,
Katulad mo ay si Sisa, binaliw ng kahirapan;
Walang lakas na magtanggol, walang tapang na lumaban,
Tumataghoy, kung paslangin; tumatangis, kung nakawan!

Iluha mo ang sambuntong kasawiang nagtalakop
Na sa iyo’y pampahirap, sa banyaga’y pampalusog:
Ang lahat mong kayamana’y kamal-kamal na naubos,
Ang lahat mong kalayaa’y sabay-sabay na natapos;
Masdan mo ang iyong lupa, dayong hukbo’y nakatanod,
Masdan mo ang iyong dagat, dayong bapor, nasa laot!

Lumuha ka kung sa puso ay nagmaliw na ang layon,
Kung ang araw sa langit mo ay lagi nang dapithapon,
Kung ang alon sa dagat mo ay ayaw nang magdaluyong,
Kung ang bulkan sa dibdib mo ay hindi man umuungol,
Kung wala nang maglalamay sa gabi ng pagbabangon,
Lumuha ka nang lumuha’t ang laya mo’y nakaburol.

May araw ding ang luha mo’y masasaid, matutuyo,
May araw ding di na luha sa mata mong namumugto
Ang dadaloy, kundi apoy, at apoy na kulay dugo,
Samantalang ang dugo mo ay aserong kumukulo;
Sisigaw kang buong giting sa liyab ng libong sulo
At ang lumang tanikala’y lalagutin mo ng punglo!

= = = = = = = = =

Iluha mo ang Trece de Agosto, Aking Bayan!
[Binasa ang tulang ito ni Andres Esperanza sa Malolos Congress Centennial Commemorative International Conference ng Setyembre 1998, bilang bahagi ng isang papel na presentasyon doon. Nasa anyong parody ito bilang pagpupugay sa tulang Kung Tuyo na ang Luha mo, Aking Bayan na isinula sa piitan ng National Artist na si Ka Amado V. Hernandez, isang makata at lider-manggagawa noong mga dekada ng 1940s at 1950s.]

Lumuha ka, Aking Bayan, buong lungkot mong iluha
Ang kawawang kapalaran ng lupain mong kawawa.
Ang bandilang sagisag mo’y nagwawagayway nga nang malaya,
Ngunit lukob ng negosyong dayuhan, at sinasamba’y dolyar na nga,
Pati wikang minana mo’y busabos ng diumano’y ‘global language’.
Ganito ring araw noon nang agawan ka ng laya…
Labintatlo ng Agosto nang saklutin ang Maynila,
Matapos ng ang sa ati’y nagharing kapangyarihang Kastila
Nang sa sangkatlong milenyo’y magapi na ng Katipunan,
At magtaas na ng puting bandera, sa pasubaling susuko lamang
Sa kapwa nila puti, ang ‘makapangyarihang at makataong bansang
Norte-Amerikano’ na nagpanggap na ating tagapagtanggol at kaibigan
Na nagbantay-salakay-- inagaw, binihag, ang ating tagumpay,
Binili pa nga tayo sa atin nang natalo, at ang tumanggi’y pinagpapatay!
Lumuha ka habang sila’y palalong nagdiriwang.
Sa libingan ng maliit, ang malaki’y may libangan!
Kaulad mo ay si Huli, na aliping bayad-utang,
Katulad mo ay si Sisa, binaliw ng kahirapan,
Walang lakas na magtanggol, walang tapang na lumaban,
Tumataghoy kung paslangin, tumatangis kung nakawan,
Ngunit pawang nakikita lamang ay mga bubwit na kawatan
At di kailanman ang mga agilang mandaragit at gahaman.
At habang nagpapatuloy ang dayuhang sakal sa isip at sikmura,
Sinabihan ka pang magdiwang, sentenyal daw ng paglaya!
Iluha mo ang sambuntong kasawiang nagtalakop
Na sa iyo’y pampahina, sa banyaga’y pampalusog.
Masdan mo ang iyong lupa, dayong hukbo ang mayhawak sa nagtatanod,
Masdan mo ang iyong dagat, dayong bapor na may armas nukleyar, nasa laot.
Bunga ng bagong kasunduan sa gobyernong Amerikano
Na epektibong nagbabalik ng paglabag sa soberanyang Pilipino.
May araw ding ang luha mo’y masasaid, matutuyo,
May araw ding di na luha sa mata mong namumugto ang dadaloy
Kundi apoy, at apoy na kulay-dugo!
Samantalang ang dugo mo’y aserong kumukulo!
Sisigaw ka nang buong-giting sa liyab ng libong sulo,
At ang lumang tanikala’y makikilala mo, kahit pinagkulay-ginto,
At lalagutin mo sa iba’t ibang paraan, kasama na ang punglo!
Hulyo 4, 1998
= = = = = = = = = = =

Tapos na ang panahon ng “Lumuha ka, aking bayan.” Kailangan nang ilinaw at lutasin ang ating mga iniiyakan – ang ating kabuhayang kontrolado at pinipiga ng mga negosyong dayuhan; ang mga opisyales ng gobyerno na kolaboreytor na’y may sarili pang malakihan ding pagnanakaw, nagmamaniobra pa para makapanatili sa poder; marami-raming mga nakikiapi sa atin; at karamihang kababayang mga duwende lang ang nakikita at hindi ang mga higanteng salarin (na nasa U.S., Japan, Europe, etc.)! Mangarap na tayo at magbalak nang malinaw, at humakbang na nang tiyak at matatag tungo sa isang ganap na malaya, nagkakaisa, at maginhawang Pilipinas! TAYO na!
Noong hapon ng makasaysayang Agosto 13, idinaos sa Bantayog ng mga Bayani all-purpose hall sa Quezon City ang sesyon ng “Sanib-Tulaan” at binasa ang dalawang tulang lumuluha sa itaas at ang panawagan sa ilalim ng mga ito. Sa pamamagitan ng pagbasa at pagtatalakay sa dalawang tula at kasunod ng mga ito, sinimulan na ng mga makata ng Sanib-Sining ang pagbubuo ng isang bagong tulang pamamagatang MANGARAP KA’T HUMAKBANG NA, AKING BAYAN! Sa loob ng isang linggo, mabubuo at maipipinal na ang tulang ito upang maitanghal na sa ating mga kababayan, at sana’y magustuhan nila ito.

Agosto 13, 2009 / 9pm

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chorused Prayer after Pres. Cory is Interred

Wherever in the country or in the world we will be at that moment, let's all join the chorused prayer of a grateful nation right after the actual physical interment of former President Corazon Aquino thanking God for giving her to us as a living example of Filipino greatness and excellence, and vowing to persevere in the struggle for freedom. Composed by SanibDasal co-founder Ding Reyes (upon the idea of Galing Pilipino Movement Prsident Erly de Guzman, and in consultation with Kamalaysayan) and immediately sent out through various channels in the Internet, the prayer was also uploaded in this page of
The prayer says in Filipino:

Isang Sama-samang Panalangin
Pagkatapos ng Paghihimlay kay
Pangulong Corazon C. Aquino

Nagpupugay po kami at nagpapasalamat / kay Ginang Corazon C. Aquino, / dati naming Pangulo, / na Inyong ibinigay sa amin / upang mabuhay nang huwaran / sa kadakilaan at galing ng Pilipino. //
Sa aming paghahatid sa kanya sa hantungang himlayan / ay taos-puso kaming nangangakong / matatag na itutuloy at isusulong pa / ang pagmithi at pagkakamit / ng ganap na kalayaan para sa aming Inang Bayan / na halos limang siglo nang pinaghaharian at sinisikil / ng mga gahamang kabalat at dayuhan. //
Taglay naming lakas / ang Inyong mapagpalang basbas, / at sa ami'y gagabay ang liwanag / ng Inyong Katotohanang Buháy // Nawa'y loobin po Ninyo / na magampanan namin ito. /

"We salute and thank Ms. Corazon C. Aquino, our former President, who was Thy gift to us to be our living example of Filipino greatness and excellence.
"Now, as we have brought her to her final resting place, we express our heartfelt collective commitment to firmly persevere and even carry further forward our desire and full attainment of freedom for our Motherland, that has for almost five centuries suffered domination by greedy rulers both native and foreign.
"Thy blessings we shall carry as our strength, and we shall be guided well by Thy own Living Truth.
"Let this be willed for us to get it fulfilled."read MY BLOGS at & view my books in on-line catalog, See also; and

Monday, August 3, 2009

Let not Our Ranks be Divided – Sanib-Sining

The Sanib-Sining Movement for Synaesthetics seeks to express serious concern that the ranks of practicing artists are being divided over GMA’s acts of obvious abuse of discretion with the recent choice of the latest batch of National Artists, where her decisions removed one, clearly miscategorized another, and insensitively honored a government functionary in charge of an office involved in making the choices. Let not such abuse on the part of Arroyo cause further division among the ranks of people whose role in society is above that of mere partisan politicians like GMA is. Let art be above the reach of the lack of quality of politics in this country. Let us focus our righteous indignation on what are the misdeeds and who the real culprits are.
Quezon City, Philippines August 3, 2009