Thursday, February 23, 2012



pat ang pag-iiskwela
Upang ating i-memorya
Ang mga bahagi ng tenga...
Ngunit kailanga'y EDUKASYON
upang tayo'y MAKINIIG
Sa isa't isa, at tunay na

--Balani Bagombuhay
Pebrero 24, 2012

Iba pang mga Aral ng "BALANI":

13. Dakilang-Ina-Tagahubog-ng-Kabayanihan

12. Kamalaysayan-ng-Balani

11. Balani'y-Kilalanin-Ipakilala-Ayunan-Pa

10. Kaalaman-ukol-sa-Kaalaman

9. Saligang-Aral-Pagiging-Tao

8. Tunay-Limitasyon-Lumalaking-Kakayahan

7. Sanib-Loob-Kamalayang-Iisa

6. TIWALAAN -- Kailangan ng Bayanihan

5. “Prinsipyo, Pamayanan, at mga Kaanib ng SanibLakas

4. “Paglikha ng Karagdagang Lakas ang Pagsa-SanibLakas

3. “Kalooban ang Talagang Mauuna sa Anumang Pagsa-SanibLakas…”

2. “Kusang-loob Kong Babasahin ang mga Aral ng Balani…”

1. “Saligang Aral ng Balani: Kaisahan ng Kabuuan at Bahagi”

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kamayan Forum: Deadly Flash Flood in Mindanao!

Kamayan Forum, February 17, 2012:
In Northern Mindanao: A Deadly Flood of Mud
Days were rushing past mid-January 2012 in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in Northern Mindanao. Then, dissaster struck and caught everyone by grieving surprise, and the flash flood carrying mud from the suddenly swollen Cagayan de Oro river left more than 1,200 dead and many others injured and missing. Days later, a pat on the back came from the United Nations—we were praised! Our government, church, and civil society organization leaders were commended for coordinating closely to address the chaotic situation brought on by so much death and destruction.

.....“Clearly, you have done very impressive work,” gushed Margareta Wahlstrom, head of the Geneva-based UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, who is also the official representative on disaster risk reduction of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. The national government was actively engaged throughout from rescue and relief work to building new houses for flash flood survivors who have lost their homes permanently.

....The UN congratulatory greeting could be taken as saying, "It could have been much worse, it you had not been able to collectively respond well enough... Unless you take the matter of prevention seriously, it will likely be much worse the next time!"

....Local government and non-government leaders have been conducting assessment meetings to analyze their collective performance in disaster response. A summit meeting to be led by Sen. Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III has been scheduled to be held in Cagayan de Oro City this coming weekend. This coming Third Friday, February 17, the almost 21-year-old Kamayan para sa Kalikasan monthly environmental forum will focus its discussion on the same disaster and the matters of prevention and resiliency.

....Sen Pimentel has been invited to come as main speaker or to send his representative. Another resource person will be Bency Ellorin, who has been for many years the leader of the Task Force Macajalar, the people's broad environmentalist coalition in the region. He has also been a leader of Partido Kalikasan.

....Kamayan para sa Kalikasan has been convened on the third Friday of every month (10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.) through free lunch) since March 1990. It has never missed a scheduled session since it was started then by the Clear Communicators for the Environment (CLEAR). In 2002, CLEAR was joined as co-convenor by the SanibLakas ng mga Aktibong Lingkod ng Inang Kalikasan (SALIKA), headed by Marie Reyes-Marciano, founding president, who has been the forum's lead moderator since that year. It has been fully sponsored all these almost 22 years by the Kamayan-Saisaki-Dad's Restaurant (marked "K" in map) along EDSA, near the SEC/Ortigas area, in Mandaluyong City, its regular venue.

.......This coming forum's session will start with special prayers and a brief tribute for CLEAR and Kamayan Forum founder, Vic "Mr. Kalikasan Vigilante" Milan who died in his sleep some three weeks ago after a lingering heart ailment. CLEAR Vice President Ed Aurelio Reyes, the forum's lead organizer, said efforts will be made to revive CLEAR as a strong media-based group. Some of the forum guests will come this Friday with this intention.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Dare Renew Our CLEAR Commitment

Let us Dare and Renew our
1990 CLEAR Commitment!

TWENTY-TWO YEARS after we dared declare our CLEAR Commitment as communicators to work together to help in trying to rescue our only environment, and consequently rescue ourselves as inhabitants of this planet, let us now honor the man who led us in making and fulfilling that historic pledge-- Mr. Vic "Kalikasan Vigilante" Milan, founder of both CLEAR and the almost 22-year-old Kamayan para sa Kalikasan monthly environmental forum project. Tireless Vic has gone ahead of us to the "Great Beyond." He succumbed to a lingering heart ailment, and died in his sleep about three weeks ago. But Vic O. Milan continues to inspire us to be active "vigilantes" for the environment.
Let's dare promise ourselves to work harder amid this worsened world illness. And let us seek to draw in not only the professional communicators (some of whom still harbor illusions of "media neutrality" on environmental survival) but all the conscious stakeholders who have the capability to communicate clearly to other people and educate them to be conscious stakeholders and active clear communicators as well. It's what the world's environment urgently needs to continue sustaining our survival!

Let us now re-READ and REMEMBER well our...




.......WE ARE SERIOUSLY CONCERNED, as organizations of communicators, and as individual journalists and artists, over the present conditions and accelerating further deterioration of the environment of our country and of our planet, and are aware that widespread ignorance and indifference are factors that abet this alarming situation.

.......WE SHARE with our fellow advocates of environmental protection in the Philippines the conviction that the only effective way to rescue the environment, beyond lip-service and token measures, requires the promotion of the following:

.......a. The unique cultural identity and ethnic heritage of the Filipinos and their spiritual and ecological solidarity with other peoples of the planet,

.......b. Social equity and justice in the sharing of benefits and custodianship of natural resources, such as land, water, forest, aquatic and mineral resources and through the democratization of access to technology and financial resources.

.......c. Ecologically sould economic activities whose primary beneficiaries are poor families and communities which comprise the majority of Filipinos.

.......d. Empowerment of people in communities through more concentration on food, health and ecological security, full implementation of the state policy giving its citizens free access to information and consideration of these means of empowerment as prerequisites for authentic participation in self-government and social transformation.

.......WE RECOGNIZE the stake and responsibility of communicators, both as citizens and purveyors of information and opinion, and we pledge to coordinate and optimize our efforts in helping rescue the environment through the education and mobilization of our people. We are aware that we have to organiza our efforts in order to effectively counteract well-funded public-relations and disinformation campaigns mounted by vested interests that have been instrumental in environmental destruction.

.......WE THEREFORE PLEDGE to mount a sustained and organized consciousness campaign among communicators and, more so, among the rest of the citizenry, to be active in helping rescue the environment, and we sign our names under this declaration of our collective and individual commitment, for the sake of our country’s survival.

This was adopted by the organizing committee of the Communicators’ League for Environmental Action and Restoration (CLEAR) on January 2, 1990 as the basis of unity of all member-organizations and individual members of CLEAR. The CLEAR organizers became the advocacy network’s first set of officers: Vic O. Milan (+), president; Violeta Len Jos (+), executive vice president; Ed Aurelio Reyes, secretary-general; Butch Nava (+), deputy secretary-general; Yasmin Arquiza, treasurer; and Romy Tangbawan, auditor. CLEAR member-organizations include the National Press Club (NPC); Philippine Movement for Press Freedom (PMPF); Philippine Environmental Journalists Inc. (PEJI); National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP); College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP); and the Philippine Union of Broadcasters (PUB). Source:Press Freedom: The People’s Right by Ed Aurelio Reyes (published 1992), pp. 176-77.