Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bring in the New Year with HAPPY SMILES!!!

The rationale and the risks that make us want to welcome the new year with the bang are all controversial, to say the least. But we can share the happy feeling, founded on hopefulnessm, in the coming of tthe new year by showing our happy smile to one and all. Let's make that a "magnetic field" of really deepseated happiness in our hearts. Bring in the New Year with HAPPY SMILES!!!

Here's one way to do this really well and really happily:
1. read my poem below (written way back in May 1999)
2. choose which reason for smiling you like best; feel and remember the reality of that reason in your own life.
3. send the photo of your "smilingest"face, with some sort of explanation why you like the line that you like best in the poem, and send to your facebook friends or via your emails.
4. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
5. Smile at whatever feedback you'd get. Most people would simply smile back! Smile at that, too!

Now here's that poem...


for health, the synergy
. of all dynamic systems
. of the body,

for symbiosis, the life-sustaining
. synergy of all living bodies,

for integrity, the synergy of one’s
. thoughts, words and deeds,

for friendship, the synergy of lives
. that deeply touch one another,

for marriage, the synergy of lives
. vowed to be intertwined till the end,

for ‘kapatiran’ or siblinghood,
. the synergy of bondings that last,
. as ‘fellow-cuttings’ from the same
. womb, branch out and grow apart,

for family, the synergy of marriage,
. parent-child love, and siblinghood,
. born and nurtured in the warm
. embrace of home,

for teamwork and healthy organizations,
. the synergy of common and diverse
. mental, spiritual and physical
. capabilities for the same aims,

for earnest conversations, the synergy
. of information, views and feelings
. that are shared with honest humility
. and heeded with genuine respect

for ‘bayanihan’ and the cooperatives,
. the synergy of community resources
. and efforts for the common good,

for nationhood, the synergy of people
. sharing blood, domain and heritage,

for planethood, the “Earth Synergy”
. of all nations and races, of all species,
. of all land, air and water,
. and of all their energies,

for collective wisdom,
. the synergy of diverse learnings
. of diverse minds,

for the Universe, the synergy of all
. that exist, known and unknown,

for the great and glorious
. Cosmic Consciousness,
. the loving Creator
. and Synergy of ALL synergies…

Smile for the synergy of all our smiles,
. happy and proud to be part of it all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

'wishpering' towards the yearend


deeply-felt wishes
my heart whispers
draw silent smiles
from deep within
many other hearts,
for these, after all,
have long been
their very own
our common

by Ding Reyes
written in Quezon City in April 30, 2007,
this was the "theme poem" of the mini-book,
Ding Reyes writes 30... Wishpers ...Poems and More
published in May 2007.

For list of titles of 30 poems 'and more,' please click at link below:

TASYO: Kaya Ba Nating Harapin Ang Hamon?

May magandang balita po tayo sa mga kasapi ng Kamalaysayan Solidarity on Sense of History at ng Balik-Bayanihan Campaign Network at ng mga Cause group sa Facebook ng dalawang samahang ito. Ang ikalawang novelette ni Ed Aurelio C. Reyes, na pinamagatang TASYO: Ngayon ng na ang Bukas sa Habilin ng Pantas? Ay halos tapos nang maimprenta at handa nang maipamahagi sa ilang book outlets sa loob ng ilang araw mula ngayon. Nasimulan na ang pag-iimprenta ay pinilit pa rin ng sumulat nito na maghabol sa likurang pamagat ng isang mabigat na hamon sa lahat ng mga babasa:

. “Mulat sa katotohanan at kahalagahan ng kaisahan ng lahat, sa isip at diwa, sa salita at gawa, magpakatao at makipagkapwa-tao Tayo.

. “Sa dinami-dami ng aking mga nabasa, isang katotohanan ang halos mawaglit na sa aking kama­layan. Ito pala ang pinaka­mahalaga. Na tayo ay nilikha na kawangis ng Lu­mik­­ha. Na ang gayon ay kaloob sa atin ng Lumik­ha, at ang ganap na pagka­kamit ng katangiang ito ay dapat namang ikaloob natin sa Kaniya. Ang gantim­pala ay kaligayahan at kapanatagan sa sari-sarili at sama-sama nating buhay. Madalas nga la­mang mangyari na sa sa­limuot ng araw-araw na mga gawain upang lu­mawig at gumaan ang buhay ay na­wa­waglit sa ating muni ang pinakamaha­lagang ka­totohanan kung bakit nga tayo isinilang at nabu­buhay.”

. NAPAKASIMPLE nga raw ng habilin ng napakatagal nang sumulat nito, na tila raw si “Tasyong Pantas.” Kung gayon, bakit naman ipinagpalagay na di ito mauunawaan ng kanyang mga kapanahon? At bakit kaya pinagdududahan pa ng pamagat nitong aklat na tayo na ngayon ang makakaunawa? Ang tanging sukatan ng sapat na pagkakaunawa ay angkop na pagsasabuhay, di lang sa isip o sa salita kundi sa gawa. Sa mga ugali’t asal ng mga tao ngayon, napakadaling patunayan na hindi pa talaga natin nauunawaan ang “Habilin ng Pantas.” Mayroon kayang sapat na makakikilala sa halaga nito sa kamalayan ng Sangkatauhan sa buong daigdig, at gugugugol tuloy ng tiyaga upang ito’s pag-aralan, isabuhay at ipalaganap?

Ed Aurelio (Ding) Corpus Reyes, may-akda,
TASYO: Ngayon na ba ang Bukas sa Habilin ng Pantas?
MANILA: SanibLakas, 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Gift We Can Give to the World: 'Bayanihan'

To the world's vocabulary and values of consciousness, the Indians contributed karma and everything that it implies, the Romans gave quid pro quo, the Chinese shared their feng sui...

Can we Filipinos, deployed all over the world as we have been, getting along well with all other peoples. offer to the consciousness of Humankind our synergetic bayanihan?

Yes, but we'd have to revive it first in the mainstream of our lives, and then we'd be ready to "preach what we practice."

The term bayanihan necessarily carries an inseparable pair of words: magpakatao, makipagkapwa-tao. Without this pair at its innermost core, it can only be very shallow and fleeting.

Let's ponder this, dream it with enlightened enthusiasm, and... let's do it!

subic, zambales

The "Human Magnetic Field" for Oneness

Human Synergetics, as spiritual reality and awareness, materializes "Powerful Oneness" in scientifically-observed magnification of individual and collective strengths, as the latter are magnetically-aligned to be in "Dynamic Unity." Let's all help build a strong culture for synergy, the 'human magnetic field'for this unity. "Balik-Bayanihan"for all Pinoys worldwide, for adoption & enjoyment by all Humans.

subic, zambales

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yearend Musings-- Change; Candidates

The last few days of every year i usually give hours meditating, musing, discerning the year about the end and the years about to storm in. yearend transitions provide a natural context for seeking to detect incremental progress in our long-term advance in individual and collective consciousness evolution. Have we attained significant inches in forward motion to more enlightenment on the reality of the oneness of all? Have i? We were given another full year's trove of direct experiences and shared insights to learn profound lessons on. did we notice and learn? did i?

the christmas season comes around and ends in a few weeks as culturally scheduled, and practically no one expects any change to come with its annual coming. election season gas also come and will linger much longer before ending at the coming midyear. elections carry a different appeal because they claim to carry a hope for change to come in our lives. the hope for change is understandably expressed by the people, but they are joined in this clamor by candidates who claim to carry a real hope for much better times. most of these candidates are of the mold legitimately discredited as conservative or anti-change in the real sense. voters are now urgently advised to take these policians' promises with sacks of salt.

our best bet for real change is not in any choice for the most credibly "winnable" -- change for the people's empowerment can only be an earnest effort for the people's own direct collective self-empowerment, starting with the people building a consensus behind our own desirable and doable dream. What kind of Philippines are these candidates dreaming of? Are their dreams worth adopting at all as our very own?

In our earlier research work, we came upon a dreamed Philippines with description specific enough for giving us some direction in our own dreaming. Are we about to consider uniting with candidates whose dreams are, quite credibly, very similar to our own?

our best bet for real change is not in any choice for the most credibly "winnable" candidate -- change for the people's empowerment can only be an earnest effort for the people's own direct collective self-empowerment, starting with the people building a consensus behind our own desirable and doable dream. What kind of Philippines are these candidates dreaming of? Are their dreams worth adopting at all as our very own?

In its on-line library (uploaded in, the Lambat-Liwanag Network for Empowering Paradigms provides all viewers with a sample of a dream, a vision. The Kamalaysayan Solidarity on Sense of History will soon upload its dedicated website for its project “Doable Dreams for a Dozen Years” for which its project director, established Filipino futurist Guillermo Santos, will very soon be soliciting presentations from candidates (for president, senators, local positions, etc.) and other people, like students, opinion leaders and movements, presentations of their respective dreams accompanies by indicators of high doability.

To guide us in our yearend musings, in the coming days and well beyond, I suggest that we view this sample of a dream, a Vision for Philippine Politics and Politicians, as lifted from an interview published by the Manila Bulletin many months ago. Click here: Then, make your own (what is your dream for the Philippines to attain?) and circulate it widely as your part in the effort for voters’ education.

It would be surely worth the effort, than just campaigning for specific candidates without much basis other than winnability or business or personal considerations.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Love, Valentine Love

Christmas love can afford to be fully generous, and there are no protocols to observe (except, perhaps, sincerity). valentine love can be judged as improper and its very expression is so very vulnerable to be resented as, ironically, an act of aggression or of impropriety.

Let us learn to offer on another year-round Christmas love, a.k.a. 'agape,' rooted in the 'soulhug,' the felt oneness of all humans, especially those most conscious of such fact of oneness.

Let's all celebrate -- live! -- this love, this reality. Christmas cheers and loving joy to you all, and to all through you!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coming Big Day for FEEEELing the Oneness

'tis now just about a week before we climax the season of agape love and unconditional goodwill. later on it will no longer be limited to a mere season, when Humankind attains 'SYCONE' (pronounced as 'seek one') -- synergy in conscious oneness.

Let's all help one another to move consiously forward to it. That will be the real gift of Joy to the World!