Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kamayan Forum: Run for Your Life!

Kamayan Forum, August 19:
Communities Called to 'Run for Your Life!'

IT'S NOT TO BE LIMITED to literally taking a quick series of steps. But the call definitely includes that sort of concerted physical activity, too. And there's no cause to tarry, either! Green communities and families, so-called because of a large measure of their environmental consciousness, have all the reason to hurry as if they were running for their lives, because they really are, because they really have to!

The extent of environmental destruction has translated into very real threats of large-scale semi-natural life-threatening disasters caused even if indirectly by irresponsible human activity.

Collective community activities can be brain-stormed and mounted together by entire families, sectors and organizations logically sequenced to build up local bayanihan festivals to address risk-reduction challenges in all localities where people share their respective micro-habitats.

While the tasks to be taken can easily turn out to be of life-and-death importance, the seriousness of the "Run-for-Your-Life" undertaking will be cheered by the "Fun Run" spirit and atmosphere from the creativity and diversity of all the environment conservation activities to be undertaken by the green families and communities as such, including a literal "Fun Run" to be held in Pasig City.

The planned activities will be shared and discussed at the 21-year-old Kamayan para sa Kalikasan monthly forum at Kamayan-Saisaki-Dads Restaurant (marked K in map below) along EDSA (near SEC/Ortigas), Mandaluyong City, this coming third Friday, August 19. Convened jointly by the Clear Communicators for the Environment (CLEAR) and the SanibLakas ng mga Aktibong Lingkod ng Inang Kalikasan (SALIKA) with full sponsorship from Kamayan, the forum runs from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., in three distinct (non- interchangable) portions, and all those in attendance are given time at the microphones for their respective straight-to-the-point questions and comments.The questions will be answered by the resource persons in the third and final portion. Lunch will be served.

Local environmental leaders from Pasig, (like City Councilor Alexee Santiago and Rev. Pastor Tony San Agustin), as well as from other areas, have been invited to the forum session. SALIKA Founding President Marie R. Marciano will explain the comprehensive idea of "Run for Your Life" with Kamalaysayan vice chairperson Jose Eduardo Velasquez, and Ed Aurelio Reyes, secretary-general of the Green Families and Communities Network (GFCN), also known as World Environment Day-Philippines (WED-Phils) network, will underscore the need to effectively strengthen the Philippine environmentalists as a dynamic grassroots-based movement.

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