Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my 'eureka' moment, for now: HUMAN IS MANHU!

for some weeks now, especially the last few days, i felt in my bones that a "Eureka!" moment was imminent for me. this morning, in the middle of a routine encoding chore in preparing our lambat-liwanag on-line library for public launch some weeks from now, i suddenly put it aside and started working vigorously on another thing, an essay. could this be the awaited "eureka!" moment? i thought. than i suddenly lost that momentum... so i texted friends, told them what i was in, and asked them to beam energy for me so i could have light again and regain the momentum. i also decided to take my breakfast for it was by then late in the morning.
resuming, and finishing the essay i embed below, i say, this may be my "eureka!" for the time being... am i saying anything new here? Or maybe this is just a run-up to my real "eureka!" moment still in the near future, or if i could share this with many others, this may spark the "eureka" moment in one of you who would get to read it. perhaps what i have been feeling is the imminence of a "eureka!" moment in someone else, not really in me. maybe, it will be in YOU? Okay, here's the output of my work this morning:


HUMAN IS A WORD, referring to the “living-clay” result of a long process of biological evolution – involving genes and genome, refined over eons with software upgraded a zillion times to comprehend more and more the upgrad­ing of the hardware – since it was blessed by the Breath of Hu; and since that kiss of agapĂ©, started being increasingly fused with that Breath of Hu, breathing from then on that same breath. Shared by all, this breath is the Breath of Divinity. It is omnipresent in all Humans as Human Dignity.

Human Evolution is still generally understood and debated as just its biological phase, just an earlier chapter concerning merely the history of upgrading our hardware, and this is the subject of intense acrimonious public debate over parts of the same whole truth. But Human Evolution continues in its more profound phase: its consciousness progress phase in the realm of software upgrading that parallels the progress of capacity from the floppy diskettes of decades ago to the micro-diskettes of years ago to the CD and DVDs to the gigabyte-capable USBs, and so on and so forth. Remember the time when thewords “bytes” and “kilobytes” were quite significant?

Human is a word applied to this mammal who has discovered distinction from the other mammals, and all others, but has yet to learn well and with certainty of dynamic, synergetic interaction with them.

Thus, Man has been a word long used to refer to the individual Human male, and by extension to his mate -- with mind and will of the couple’s “one flesh” long assumed to be located in the male’s brain’s and heart, and never mind the female’s. Man, the word, was born within the growth of a certain language at the time of grossly male-dominated human societies; now, all patriarchal tendencies are but relics of that ancient past. The Human female was not the only victim of such pathetically narrow thinking. Hundreds of thousands, even milions, of males and females have perished in forcible servitude to, and systemic annihilation by, fellow humans who had a different skin color or culture or set of beliefs and who commanded superior weaponry including money with which to buy submission, and who harbored the narrow view. But by now, generally, such ignorant tendencies are but relics of the ancient past, antiques that the current Human will surely evolve further to fully outgrow.

To the more evolved Human, Man is a word, known most clearly by those who can use the word Man to refer, increasingly with all due respect, also to the co-equal partner the Woman in a generality, and who uses the word Man to refer, as well, increasingly to the total collectively of men and women in the same sense of the term Human Race, in the same sense as the word Humanity.
Human is a word applied to this mammal who has discovered distinction from the other mammals and from all others; but has yet to know well and with certainty of dynamic interaction with them, and has yet to know well and with certainty of the Oneness of all Humanity and the Oneness of All. The Human, after all, has had first to know the Hu in the Human before knowing well and with certainty about all fellow-Humans being fellow-Hu.

Hu. What or who is Hu? Hu is the immense, All-good and All-powerful Mystery in the Mind of the Human; it is the Certainty in the Heart of the Human. Hu in the Mind has been representing therein the Human’s recognition of being just a particle under, or at best within, a Much Greater Whole, and deserving full submission, obedience, grateful respect and abiding love. Hu in the Heart represents therein a sense of direction for Full Human Evolution, in the conscious Path being taken by this evolution, this Reality in Motion, this path from what was to what is to what will be, in an infinite continuum. The Good Books narrate the Past; they will be completed by “books” of discernment on the divine Path from Past to Destiny.

Consciously breathing the Breath of Hu is living in the context of shared Human Dignity as upheld by all in all. The opposite is the imposition of restrictions on everyone’s capability to grow and on everyone’s capability to flow one another, blessed by the right to self-determination and the right to informed choice. Human Dignity demands all the knowledge, all the freedom, and all the energy to be in the hands of each and in the hands of all to fully enjoy these innate rights. Any externally imposed impairment of any of these (like deception and undue secrecies) violates the dignity of one and, consequently, of all.

There have been countless such daily and constant violations of Human Dignity, in acts inflicted by individual Humans and in systems inflicted by entire societies. Many paradigms – mindsets and schools of thought – have had the effect of restricting and dividing Humans, and in the course of the continuing profound evolution of Human consciousness, there is need in each of the social contexts for a synergized set of empowering paradigm shifts to more logical and more civilized patterns of thought and behavior.

Only by the social mainstreaming, academic amplification, and personal adoption of the empowering paradigms can real Human Development and its co-dependent twin, Human Harmony, be increasingly attained. Humans need Human Harmony to develop individually and collectively and Humans beed Human Development to learn and enjoy the praxis of synergy, to learn the praxis of Harmony and Oneness. Self-actualization as a Human requires the removal of ceilings that restrict the growth of each person’s phy­sical, mental, and spiritual ca­pabilities. Relating accordingly with all Fellow Humans requires us to tear down the walls that divide large groups of people and pit them against one another. Human Synergy, the conscious attainment and enjoyment of Human Dynamic Oneness, serves and enhances the reality of Human Dignity. There is need to seek One Humanity! And all nations can discern the roles they can play well in this quest.

HAVING DEFINED the Hu in all immensity of magnitude and perfection, the Human has apparently gotten overwhelmed and decided to stop at just the aspect of worship and submission, humbling the real self to a fault as a result of the Human’s static recognition of smallness in comparison to the Hu. The Hu­man forgot about the Hu in the Human, forgot that the Human’s own breath is no less than the Breath of the Hu.

Thus the Human has suppressed – and has almost completely forgotten – the whisper of the Heart that “Hu is the direction of Human Reality in Motion.” As a result the Human has inadvertently diminished in Human Consciousness the glory and power of Hu that has been lodged within the Human. Denial of the Greatness in the Individual Self and the Collective Self denies as well the Greatness of the Hu in “those selves,” in OURSELF. It denies that at the very core of that Self breathes the Hu that impels us in an unceasing forward assymptotal movement toward almost being Hu. Human societies forgot the Hu as the direction of the Path of Divine Destiny:

The Path currently being trod by the Human from being simply Man, the evolved mammal, to collectively and individually being the more and more faithful image and likeness of the Hu. This is the path of Man to Hu, the Man-Hu!

Hu caused Man, started and sustained the very long process of evolution especially on its consciousness-focused phase. An inkling of this creative process is represented by the half-conscious use of the word Hu-man. Human has moved along that Path of Divine Destiny to glorify the Hu not only with mouthed or sung praises but with the way the Human would actually live, individually and collectively, in unconditional love and unconditional peace, in The Way of the Hu. Thus, the Human fully becomes the living image and likeness of the Hu.
Human is a word. In the sense of the ManHu, Human is The Word.

Ed Aurelio C. Reyes, March 18, 2009
(inspired and en­cou­raged by friends like Risa H., Rex D., Joydee E., Ernie G., Kara A., Dado S.A., Josie M.,Tinay G., Amy R., Kiko C., Norma G., Gemma A.,Wally C., Rolly O., Jun M., and Mila R.G.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

what??? history with no memorization???

history is looking at reality in motion.
it is comparing what was with what is and what would be, or with what can and should be.
it is not about the PAST, but more about the PATH.
it is about following some set paths, and deciding to blaze new ones,
History is about looking back at your past footsteps to decide well and wisely now
where the future ones should tread.
this applies to your own life story, also to your community's and also to the nation's and humanity's.
for each one has its history to live. to live fully is to be conscious of your life story, appreciating it, making the most of it, even enjoying it. and deciding it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

relocation to subic

relocation to subic

since december 31, 2008, i have been a resident of the province of zambales. the southernmost town is subic, of which olongapo was formerly a mere barrio.

subic is the hometown of my father, jose emilio del fierro reyes. the hometown of my mother is san antonio town, also of zambales, and friends of mine have wondered aloud why a purely-Zambaleni couple would have their child in cagayan de oro city.

when i tell my friends i have relocated to subic, they think i have transferred to the former u.s. naval base, now the subic bay freeport zone (mislabeled as "sbma" -- parang tinatawag na mmda ang buong metro manila).
no, subic town was there since centuries long past; the bay beside subic town was named subic bay, after the town; the americans came and set up a base, and named that base after the subic bay; and the subic bay freeport zone was also named after the bay. i have relocated to subic town, and the subic freeport zone (not "sbma," please!) is near our town, and also near olongapo, our former barrio.
incidentally, while subic is our southernmost town, the northernmost town is sta.cruz. (somewhere in between is iba, our capital). and here's something quite unknown: olongapo is closer to manila than sta.cruz! the entire length of the province is longer than the kilometer distance from manila to olongapo.

in my next blog post, it will answer FAQs about this relocation. is it a career move? what, another lifepath shift? may pinagtataguan ka ba (pinagkakautangan? nabuntis?)? etc. etc.
sige, later po.

be happy! be well!